Claims and Targets aligned to Hess-Elementary

CCSSs Claim 1 Targets for Literary & Informational Text aligned to Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Levels (DOK): This 11 X 17 poster was designed to support educators in generating text dependent questions using the Claim 1 Targets of; key details, central ideas, word meanings, reasoning and evaluation, analysis within & across texts, text structures/features and language use.  While there are 7, claim 1 targets each for literary and informational text, totaling 14, there are only 7 different categories.  The questions vary according to the genre.  Each target is aligned to the depth of knowledge levels and cognitive tasks created by Karin Hess.  This resource is extremely useful to curriculum writing teams in crafting units of study.

Price: $175.00
Contents: A set of 25 Place mats.